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zinzibar's Journal

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Zinzibar - Graphic Resources
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315 Patterns | 14 Large textures | 15 Icon texture sets
Zinzibar is my little playground where I share with you resources I create with Photoshop. Right now my obsession lies with pattern making but I always leave myself open for other things that might catch my fancy. A texture, a brush, maybe even a layout if I am so inclined. Everything you find here, unless otherwise noted has been made by me 100% with the aid of my graphics program. If you're interested in seeing my patterns (and other eventual goodies) please join the community. If you cannot see posts right away, this is a glitch with Live Journal and has nothign to do with me. Just wait a few and you should eventually be able to see the locked posts.

Note of fair warning. This is a graphics resource journal. I might update once every day or five times every four weeks. The point being if you have a problem with multiple posts or posts every day then don't add my community to your friends list. I update when and how I see fit. Thanks.
I don't ask for much but the few things I do ask for, I wish respected.

1. Please credit the community if you use anything. The reason is simple. Crediting allows other people to find my patterns, which makes me happy!
2. Please do not make other "resources" with my patterns. This means no icon bases, textures, brushes or anything else you can think of that falls under this category.
3. Non-profit, please! I don't make money off of this, neither should you.
4. Do not archive, no redistribution and please, do not hotlink.
5. Not really mandatory but think of it as a way to make someone smile. Comment! It really does make a difference when someone takes the time to say, "This is great, thanks for sharing!"

Icon texture preview.

everything_lj, freelayouts, icon_goddess, patternbomb
If you would like to affiliate with zinzibar, please e-mail me at zinzibar.mod @ gmail.com. I would prefer that links to affiliates be placed in your profile, instead of hidden in some post.


Feel free to use these buttons to link the community or, you can credit the community using lj comm tag <lj comm="zinzibar">

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