Mod Post - Hotlinking

Just a reminder that I would appreciate it greatly if you did not hotlink my patterns from the photobucket account. I have a free account which means limited bandwidth. If you wish to use my patterns as a background for your journal or website, upload it to your own image host and link from there.
Live Journal Scrapbook. (Paid and Sponsored accounts)

Thank you!

Also, if you're coming from another site don't be afraid to leave an anonymous comment with a link to your site. I love knowing who is getting some use out of what I make!

Bulk Pattern Downloads

So, you really like my patterns but hate having to save all of them one by one? Well then, I've got the answer to your problem! The following zip files contain every single pattern I've made available in the community. I will add to the list from time to time, about 20 sets per zip file.

Each pattern set is in its own folder with a preview image included.

If a zip file is no longer working, let me know, I will then upload it again.

Image Files

Pattern sets 1-20
Pattern sets 21-40
Pattern sets 41-48

Photoshop .pat files

Coming Soon