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Terms of Use Reminder

A reminder to those who make layouts. If you make layouts to redistribute. (You own your own layout community or you use an outlet like freelayouts to share your layouts.) You MUST credit zinzibar ON THE ACTUAL LAYOUT. I do not want a link in the layout post, I do not want a link in some resource post, I would like a link on the actual layout. It is the only way I will allow it. Without that link, you are redistributing my patterns without my consent. If I find that this cannot be respected, I'll just remove any permission for my patterns to be used in linkware layouts. Thank you.

(Obviously, this does not involve those who only use my backgrounds for their personal journals and websites. a link in a resource post is fine then.)

Please READ a community's terms of use before using their resources. It makes it very difficult to be reasonable and yielding when people don't bother to first read what is and is not allowed to be done with their stuff.

I'd hate to decide that the patterns are not allowed to be used for any linkware layout over a few who can't read and respect my wishes.
Tags: #mod post

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